Get Both a Furnace and an AC Unit from a Heating and Air Company in Davenport, FL For Year-Round Comfort

Many people think that there’s no need for heating in Florida, but those who have lived in the state for a while know that this is far from the case. Therefore, experienced Floridians will look for a heating and air company in Davenport, FL rather than one that only does air conditioning. There may not be many cold winter nights, but when they hit, only a real furnace will do the job.

It is definitely true that a furnace in Florida doesn’t need to be nearly as powerful as one that’s meant to combat a -40F windchill. This opens up many options that aren’t feasible up north. One such option is a combined heating and air conditioning unit. These units allow homeowners to take care of all of their climate control needs with only a bit more space than a single-type unit needs. Typically, they combine a large air conditioner with a small furnace so that they work with the state’s entire temperature range.

Another unique aspect of central Florida is that many areas have no natural gas. Therefore, electric furnaces are often used, where in other states, they’re nearly unheard of. Propane furnaces are also common. While it’s true that an electric furnace is relatively expensive to run, this should be balanced by how little a furnace in Florida actually needs to be turned on. It’ll certainly be well-appreciated in January, February, and into March, but after that, it’ll likely just sit there. Therefore, it can easily make sense to use all-electric heat when the higher up-front cost of a propane or gas furnace is factored into the equation.

When it comes to air conditioning, the usage patterns are reversed. An AC system from a heating and air company in Davenport, FL like Charles M. Watts AC needs to be a powerful and durable workhorse. Not only can temperatures bump up against the 100F mark, the normal temperatures are in the 80s and 90s most of the year. It may be possible to heat a home with space heaters, but you won’t be able to replace your air conditioner with any kind of makeshift alternative. Therefore, you should always buy the best kind of air conditioner that you possibly can.

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