Get Assistance With Cap Table Tracking From a Salt Lake City UT Company

Keeping track of stock issuance’s by your company is essential as it helps ensure you’ve got a record of each allocation and ownership. Whether you’re a private or public company, getting assistance with this process is usually advised. Working with an experienced provider of a Cap Table Tracking Service is usually an excellent choice to make if you want to ensure your records are kept accurately and you receive timely updates.

Keeping Track of Stock Transactions and Issuance’s Accurately

Using a professional cap table tracking service makes it easier to track the issuance of different security types, such as preferred stock or restricted stock awards. Having these records managed by an experienced company lets you continue to focus on your operational processes and helps ensure accuracy in a timely manner.

Staying Compliant With the Securities and Exchange Commission

When your business is issuing equity, it’s critical to follow specific SEC rules. Getting assistance from a company that has experience with cap table tracking helps protect you from not staying compliant with SEC regulations. They are familiar with SEC Rule 144 and SEC Rule 701, which is essential when you are issuing shares to compensate advisors or employees.

Streamlined Process and Experience

Working with an experienced company providing this essential service allows you to tap into their knowledge and streamlined process. They take the guesswork out of recording stock issuance’s and offer a reliable solution to ensure accuracy and compliance. To learn more about this type of service, visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. at

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