Get an Auto Insurance Quote in Austin, Texas and the Surrounding Areas Online

Most states require you to carry auto insurance on your vehicle to operate it on the highway. If you are in need of auto insurance, and you are looking to get the best possible deals, you may wish to consider Dillo Insurance, located in Fort Worth, Texas. Their unique business offers car insurance online geared specifically for Texans. Yes, this means you can get an online Auto Insurance Quote in Austin, Texas and never have to leave the comfort of your own home. These are some things they feel you should know about Texas auto insurance.

In Texas, mandatory coverage includes $30,000 for bodily injury for one person injured in an accident, $60,000 coverage for bodily injury of all persons involved in an accident, and $25,000 coverage for property damage liability. It is important to keep in mind, though, that minimum coverage may not be enough to cover any injurious costs you may incur above that amount. Medical bills have increased dramatically, and so has the cost of repairs to vehicles. You could be sued by the other party in an attempt to collect for those damages.

It is a misdemeanor to drive in the state of Texas without insurance, and you can be convicted of this infraction the first time. The penalty could range up to $350. Your second offense could cost you up to $1,000, and in addition to these fines, a penalty of $250 annually per uninsured driver for a period of up to three years could be imposed. Driving without auto insurance is really too costly to take such a chance.

Dillo Insurance offers good deals on auto insurance if you are a high risk driver. They offer good rates for Texas drivers with tickets, lapses in coverage, no previous coverage, even teenage drivers. They also offer discounts for homeowners, multiple vehicles, proof of previous insurance, safe driving and previous in house coverage. Don’t run the risk of getting into an accident without coverage when you can call on Dillo Insurance and be covered immediately.

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