Get Above It All and Explore All of Chicago From One Spot — 360 Chicago

A visit to 360 Chicago should be one of your first stops when you are visiting Chicago. 360 Chicago is a 1,000-foot high observation deck that provides a 360-degree Chicago skyline view and a view of Lake Michigan. The deck provides you with a 55 mile and four state view. To assist you in determining what you are seeing, there are interactive touch screens discussing Chicago’s neighborhoods and history. Touch screens show the panoramic views that you can compare with what you are seeing. The touch screens offer seven languages. It is located in the previous John Hancock Center. 360 Chicago also includes BAR 94 and Tilt. BAR 94 is on the north side of the observation deck and offers local favorites. Tilt is one of the world’s highest thrill rides. Visitors are 1,030 feet up and are tilted so that they can see the view below them. 360 Chicago is located at 875 North Michigan Avenue on the 94th Floor and is opened Sunday, Monday, and Thursday from 9 am to 9 pm and Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 11 pm.

As you look at the Chicago skyline view, you can note sites and buildings that you want to visit. A map will help you locate and plan your exploring. Taking pictures from the deck and in person will allow you to take home two views of those sites.

For more information, visit 360 Chicago online.

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