Georgia’s CorpCare Associates, Inc. Offers Employee Assistance Programs

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Business

An Employee Assistance Program EAP Service is a confidential matter. EAP Service offers a low-cost avenue for therapy, as well as other benefits. The program helps employees attain the goal of safeguarding their mental and emotional health after a traumatic experience. This family-owned service is provided to assist workers in resolving work-related or personal problems that often cause employees stress and distract them, making them less productive.

Because it is an Employee Assistance Program EAP Service, it is a Confidential service. Interruptions are reduced and the workplace culture becomes positive, a condition that improves productivity.

EAP Service is a confidential matter is a low-cost avenue for therapy offered to workers. Also, there is no need for the workers to have concerns about their job security. Instead, they can benefit from the training, organizational and consulting services that will help them reduce their emotional stress and rectify any other mental health issues. Also, an employee assistance program of EAP Service is a confidential avenue for therapy for employees by aiding them in clarifying, redirecting and considering specific issues.

Having contracted with KEPRO to provide comprehensive EAP services, the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) will offer up to eight (8) sessions for each person and each problem, per contract year. For anyone living in the employee’s household, the EAP is also available to anyone living in the employee’s household. The employee assistance program EAP Service is a confidential program that can benefit employees and their employers.

For those interested in the employee programs (An Employee Assistance Program EAP Service is a confidential service, please contact CorpCare Associates, Inc.

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