General Liability Insurance in Nassau County NY, and Why Your Small Business Needs It

Owning a small business is a lot of work, something you’re well aware of if you own one. Aside from all the day to day things you have to take care of, there’s also being prepared for “worst case” scenarios such as fires, floods, etc. You’ve probably protected your business from things like this with insurance, but have you thought about what would happen if a customer got hurt in your business? In many cases, you would be liable for covering the damages, which is where general liability insurance in Nassau County NY comes in.

General liability insurance for businesses is very similar to liability insurance for vehicles. It covers the expenses that would arise if a customer got hurt in your business. For example, say you own a restaurant and a customer chokes on a fish bone that should have been removed from his meal. Liability insurance would pay for any related medical costs he may have, as well as legal fees should he decide to sue. In this example, your insurance is covering medical expenses and legal fees, but liability insurance covers a lot more.

General Liability Insurance Nassau County NY covers things like:

* Medical Costs

* Legal Defense

* Court Settlements or Awards

* False Advertising Claims

* Copyright Infringement

* Slander

* Libel

Now, if your business is very new, you may wonder if you can get away with not having liability insurance. After all, it’s another bill that you may not want to strain your budget with. But think about this: what would you do if a customer got hurt in your business, and you had to foot the entire bill yourself?

While you aren’t required by law to carry liability insurance, it’s best not to go without it, especially if you are vulnerable new business. If something did happen during your first few months of business, even if it was a true accident, there’s no telling how far a customer might take it. Can your business handle the financial implications on its own? Because medical bills on their own could put a small business under, not to mention the legal fees if a customer gets hurt and decides to sue.

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