Garage Door Repair in Newton, MA is the Source for Garage Door Repair

If you are one of the homeowners who are feeling compelled to repair your garage door, please heed the warning of the U. S. Product Safety Commission…don’t do it. Every year over 20,000 people are injured, some seriously, by repairing their garage door. A number of people are killed trying to make repairs. garage door repair in Newton MA can handle this task with the proper safety precautions.

The most deadly mechanical weapon in the home is the torsion spring located above the garage door frame. Tampering with this can get you a trip in the hearse. There are other garage door opening mechanism parts which could seriously injure a person if the parts were loose. The cables lowering and raising the door are extremely dangerous if they become unattached from the bottom bracket. You might never know your tracks are misaligned until a car hits your door, sending a 400 pound garage door falling to the floor. This is happening with greater frequency, and so are the deaths caused by this unfortunate accident.

A yearly maintenance plan spots problems, fixing them before they cause serious damage. Garage Door Repair in Newton, MA is a precautionary measure, preventing serious injuries and making the door mechanisms last longer. While the doors may be different, each door functions in the same way. The Collins Overhead Door Inc. can advise you on this subject.

The checkup should include every moving part, and these parts should be lubricated where required. The lubricant used should be the one recommended by the manufacturer. The chain drive should be lubricated and checked for proper functioning. The tracks should be in alignment so the door will not experience difficulty moving in the tracks causing excessive wear. Garage Door Repair in Newton, MA will know how to handle this.

The older rollers are made of steel and they wear and make too much noise. These can be replaced with the new nylon rollers which move with less friction. However, the rollers need lubricating where the shaft enters the bracket. The bracket has to flex when the door moves up and down so it is wise to lubricate the hinges.

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