Frequently Asked Questions About Siding Repairs In Lawrence KS

If your siding is damaged and you don’t have it repaired right away, this can lead to more expensive repairs in the future. Below you’ll learn about the problems that can occur with damaged siding. Contact an experienced company that specializes in Siding Repairs in Lawrence KS to quickly get the repairs done on your siding.

Q.) What are the signs of damaged siding and what causes the damage?

A.) Frequently inspect your siding and look for damage such as cracks or holes in the exterior materials of your home. There are numerous reasons why your siding may have damage and this may be due to the weather or from an object hitting your house. When it hails outside, your siding can easily become damaged due to heavy hail. If an object, such as a ball, slams into your siding, this will cause a hole or crack to form in the siding.

Q.) How can a house become more damaged if holes in the siding aren’t fixed?

When it rains, water can leak into your house through cracks and holes in the siding. This can cause mold to grow inside your house and this substance is unhealthy to breathe in, especially if you have allergies. When moisture leaks in through cracks in your siding, this can cause structural damage to your house.

Q.) Can a professional repair damaged siding or will it have to be replaced?

A.) This all depends on the amount of damage you have to your siding. If there is only slight damage, a professional who performs Siding Repairs in Lawrence KS can repair your siding by removing the damaged piece and installing a new one. The professional uses a special tool to loosen and remove the damaged section. After the piece is taken out, the professional will install a new section of siding and use the same tool to lock the piece into place. After an inspection of your siding, a professional will let you know if it can be repaired or not.

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