Hybrid heating is the use of a system that reacts to temperature variations by automatically adjusting its operation to the most efficient and energy-saving method to heat or cool a house. They operate by using two energy sources usually gasoline and electricity. Compared to the other methods of heating and cooling, they consume considerably less amounts of fuel by using a combination of furnaces and heat pumps rather than furnaces and air conditioners as is the case with the traditional heating and cooling systems. Here are four reasons why you should abandon a standard heating system in favor of a hybrid heating system:

1). Other than heating they can work as air conditioners in hot weather, this is possible through their use of variable speed fans. Then thereafter hybrid heating systems alter their operations and heat a house if cold temperatures set in after the hot conditions are gone. Their heating and cooling is very efficient since they don’t burn fuels but rather use puron refrigerants to transmit their heat. During cold periods their electric heat pumps conserve electrical energy by extracting heat energy from the air.

2). Hybrid heating systems can be powered by both gas and electricity, this is possible through their use of variable speed fans. They integrate the technology of Direct Current style motor (ECM motors), and the less efficient PSC motors. They achieve this by using electric heat pump technology when it is slightly cold or chilly but switch to gas furnace technology when it is very cold. This is while providing consistently high comfort levels.

3). Hybrid heating systems can save home owners or users of business premises a lot in reduced energy costs. The amount one saves by switching from either of the traditional heating systems to a hybrid heating system depends on how often they use the system, how the system is used and most significantly the state of the weather. Their use can lead to savings of up to 40% of the energy costs that would have been used on standard heating systems, and they can also earn homes energy tax credits and create opportunities for utility rebate savings.

4). They provide environmental benefits, since they consume less fossil fuels such as LPG gas and gasoline. Their Carbon footprint is lower, and they are thus very environmentally friendly as they cause minimal damage to the environment through Carbon and its compounds that have been blamed for global warming and climate change.

A Hybrid heating system can be just what is needed to powerfully yet cost effectively heat your home. This option is one of the most energy efficient options on the market today.

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