Four Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Real Estate

Although owning a rental property can be a lucrative investment, the daily responsibilities that go along with the role of landlord can be taxing on an individual who is trying to balance daily life with the tasks involved when renting a property.  Property owners who desire some assistance from a professional property management group should be informed about the types of responsibilities a professional will take on.  If they are able to find the right property management company, San Antonio property owners often find the fees associated with hiring such a company far outweigh the stress of handling the landlord position on their own.

Rent Collection
A professional property management team is skilled at collecting rent from tenants on time and efficiently.  These firms often use technology such as online payments or automatic bank withdraws to collect rent and are experienced in assessing late fees for overdue rent.  Additionally, if a rental agreement is defaulted on, a management group is fully equipped to enforce eviction proceedings, a task that most property owners prefer to be left out of.

Knowledge of Rental Rates
Another benefit to using a property management company is their intensive knowledge of the current real estate market.  Because of their immersion in the rental business, these professionals are aware of how much to charge for rent as well as when rent amounts need to be adjusted based on market values.

Tenant Screening
Professional management companies handle all aspects of tenant screening, from background and credit checks to verifying tenant income.  Having a professional handle checking this information can make a property owner feel more confident that their rental property is being lived in by a responsible, reputable tenant.

Marketing Expertise
An area where most property owners feel overwhelmed is marketing a rental property to potential tenants.  However, this is among the things a professional real estate management group specializes in!  Property managers have experience with what draws tenants in, how to stage a rental property for showings, how to market properties online, and more.  Leaving marketing to the professionals is a great way to quickly get a tenant into your rental property.

At Real Property Management Alamo, our professional real estate managers serve San Antonio property owners with thorough, helpful service.  We are an experienced property management group that is fully capable of handling your tenant screening, marketing, and rent collection needs.  Visit our website today at for details about the services we provide.

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