Four Primary Advantages of Selling to a Reputable Home Investor Company

Home investor companies usually buy houses, fix them up and flip or rent them out. They also help extricate people from difficult situations, including divorces, distressed homes or properties that have been damaged by fires or floods. If you’re in a situation where you need to sell your house soon, you should consider speaking with a legitimate home investor company. Here’s why.

Sale Will Occur
With conventional real estate sales, it can take three or four months to sell your house. Then, just when you think you have a buyer, they’ll back out of the sale at the last second. When it comes to deals done with home investors in Atlanta, all sales are practically guaranteed. You can also expect to sell your house in the next couple of weeks.

Cash Upfront
Cash is always the best way to get paid. However, with a cash deal, you’ll have to accept a reduced selling price for your home for the convenience of how cash deals operate.

Fewer Hassles
When you hire a real estate agent, you’ll need to make the changes they request. This could include swapping out paneling for something more modern or replacing missing knobs on cabinet doors. You’ll also have to get your family out of the house when your real estate agent shows it to potential buyers. With home investors in Atlanta, sellers don’t have to do any of this busywork.

Forgo Closing Costs
The typical closing costs can run as high as 5 percent. That’s $5,000 out of the window with a $100,000 sale. Reputable home investors in Atlanta will usually pay all closing costs.

An established home investor company will usually not ask you to make any repairs. That’s because they will prefer to remodel your home after the purchase and sell it for a profit.

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