Four Important Keys for Treatment of Depression

For those struggling with depression, finding effective treatment can be difficult and frustrating, but options and help do exist!  These four keys can help patients combat and succeed against depression:

Understanding what depression is and the factors that influence it are crucial for success.  Some people have compounding medical issues that affect treatment options and efficacy.  Discovering the right solutions may require speaking with multiple medical or mental health providers.  Patients can benefit from working with providers from differing specialties (like family medicine and psychology) as well as doing personal research in order to better understand themselves, their bodies, and their minds.

Treatment for depression not only requires an understanding of medical and mental factors, but also patience to seek out the right options for the patient.  A patient may need to try multiple medications before discovering the best one, and evaluating each medication may take several months.  Similarly, not all providers are created equal, and establishing the best relationship may not happen on the first visit with the first provider.   A patient should remember that while treatment is possible, every person is different so developing an effective treatment plan can take significant time.  Patience through the process may be difficult but is necessary and worthwhile.

Mental wellness requires moving beyond medications to lifestyle changes.  These approaches have benefits without the side effects of medications and are often just as or more effective.  Lifestyle modification, like improving sleep, exercise, and nutrition, will provide significant benefits to boost the impacts of medication.  A patient may even attain success through alternative medical approaches like acupuncture, vitamins, or yoga.  A variety of options and techniques exist and those struggling with depression should seek out as many viable approaches as possible.  As a patient becomes more physically healthy, mental wellness also becomes more attainable.

Furthermore, an expansive social network stimulates these lifestyle changes.  Connecting with friends, family, and coworkers can increase the success of any treatment plan by providing encouragement and accountability.  Realizing that the people around them understand and value them can greatly improve patients’ strength through the long journey to improved mental health. Discussing struggles can also lead patients to connect with people who share similar difficulties and can therefore mutually support one another.  Treatment may involve individual or group counseling or other support networks.

If you are suffering from depression, treatment is available and can work very well for most people.

If you are seeking treatment for depression, the team at the University of Behavioral Health El Paso is here to help!  Visit them online at or call 915-544-4000 or 1-800-967-3411.

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