Four Earth-Friendly Reasons to Seek Out and Use Bamboo Toilet Paper

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Toiletries Store

Many people may be pleasantly surprised to learn that eco-friendly toilet paper is now available. Toilet paper made from bamboo is a sustainable and earth-friendly toiletry.


Bamboo grows quickly when compared to an evergreen tree. Amazingly, some varieties can grow several feet each day, and they do not need an abundance of water to survive. The stocks can add hearty amounts of oxygen to the environment too. Growers can sustainably farm this renewable resource, and the farms can reduce deforestation. Traditional trees create paper products, so if more bamboo is used, fewer trees will need to be cut down.

Certified Farms

Growers that supply the stocks can get certified, which means they properly manage their crops. These farmers do not affect the panda population either.


Plastic waste is showing up in our oceans and waterways. Toilet paper made from bamboo helps reduce the spread of plastic because it is made from a plastic-free process. The operation involves the bamboo’s pulp, and it does not need chemicals to produce the paper. Many traditional paper products utilize bleach and other chemicals to break down the tree’s fibers. Because of bamboo’s properties, researchers have developed a chemical- and plastic-free method to process the pulp into soft paper.


The fibers from this paper are safe for the typical septic system, and some companies will deliver the rolls right to your door, so you won’t have to drive. Every step each person can take to reduce wear and tear on the planet can help improve the quality of the air, water, and land for everyone. For more information, please visit Bampoo.

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