Four Benefits of Using Commercial Spray Foam Insulation in Lancaster, PA

Foam that comes in a spray form can often keep businesses in Pennsylvania insulated better than traditional insulation materials. Experts can apply spray foam using a spray foam gun to areas around your business that need it the most. Here are some of the main benefits that come along with receiving the best commercial spray foam insulation in Lancaster, PA, has to offer.

Easier to Apply to All Spaces

Traditional foam insulation materials don’t always do as well of a job at covering areas with tight or awkward spaces. Foam that’s applied with a spray gun can get into these spaces easier to provide the adequate coverage that’s needed for optimal insulation.

A Tighter Seal

Spray foam creates a tighter seal to help regulate temperatures inside a building better. In fact, the air-tight seal of spray foam can be up to 24 times greater than other insulation materials. This air-tight seal is especially beneficial for sealing holes and cracks in attics and crawlspaces.

Better at Reducing Noise

Excessive amounts of outside noise could interfere with your business activities, and spray foam insulation can solve this problem. Thanks to the tighter seal of spray foam, outside noise can be reduced significantly and give you and your staff a quieter environment to work.

Better Pest Control

Bugs, rodents and other pests will have a more difficult time getting into your building when spray foam insulation has been applied. The foam’s ability to seal the smallest cracks and holes can help create a shield that keeps critters out and helps you avoid the damage that they often cause.

Opting for spray foam insulation over other insulation materials can help your business in many ways and be an excellent investment. For the best commercial spray foam insulation in Lancaster, PA, has to offer, you can schedule your service with Lantz Insulation.

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