For clean carpets nothing beats hot water extraction

There is a host of ways to clean carpets; these include dry powder, shampooing, bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction, often called “steam carpet cleaning.” All these different methods of carpet cleaning in Maple Grove MN may have their place but nothing beats hot water extraction.

If there are any doubts all you have to do is have a good look at the carpet industry and see what they have to say about cleaning their products. There is a very good reason that the greatest majority of the manufacturers recommend hot water extraction, it works and more often than not the manufacturers insist on this method of cleaning for warranty purposes.

Although many people insist on calling this type of carpet cleaning steam cleaning, it really isn’t as no steam is used, although very hot water is. Here is how the method works. The people who do carpet cleaning in Maple Grove MN have a powerful device that injects very hot water and a cleanser mix directly into the fibers of the carpet for deep cleaning. As the super hot liquid is injected under high pressure it rids the carpet of dirt, ground in soil and grim. Almost at the same time as the hot water is injected it is sucked out with a very powerful vacuum, it takes the water, dirt and stains with it.

Bigger is far better:

When you decide to clean your carpets using the hot water extraction method you will find that there are a variety of machines available. Grocery stores and most stores rent smaller portable units that the homeowner can use to do the job themselves. These smaller machines do a half-way decent job but they leave a lot to be desired when you compare the results against what you see when the professionals who do carpet cleaning in Maple Grove MN show up with a powerful truck mounted unit. These larger truck mounted units are very powerful; they inject the hot water right to the base of the carpet fibers, loosening all the ground in dirt and stains. Just as the hot water applicator is more powerful, so is the vacuum that draws the water and dirt out of the carpet. The net result of using a bigger, more powerful machine is cleaner carpets, carpets that need cleaning less often and carpets that are dry to walk on quicker.

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning in Maple Grove MN then you will be thrilled with the results you get when you use the services of Steamatic of the Twin Cities.

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