Flower Power for your Wedding

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Weddings

Flowers pay a key role in any wedding. From decorations at the ceremony to the single white rose on the groom’s lapel, considering your flowers should take plenty of thought and planning.

Consider the Season

Although flowers are grown around the world and you probably could get any flowers you want, unless you want to spend a king’s ransom on flowers alone it is important to consider the season. It might be hard to find tulips in fall for example. Speak to your florist to find out what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding and work with them to find the flowers that are the freshest and most beautiful at that time of year. Seasonal greens at Christmas as well as wonderfully colored leaves during fall can add unique touches to your floral theme and even seasonal fruit can be added to centrepieces and decorative arrangements such as apples, pumpkins, pomegranates and grapes.

Consider the Colors

You will look at the color theme of your wedding for bride’s maid’s dresses and your Themed Wedding Invitations but often brides forget to tie in their flowers to their color scheme. Although it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of the flowers when visiting the florist make sure you mention your color theme up front so they can help steer you to the best flower choices in that color. Otherwise, although bouquets and centrepieces might look fabulous in the catalogue or florist shop, once thrown in amongst the rest of your décor, the flowers may look out of place.

Height and Weight

This might sound like something to worry about at a doctor’s office not a wedding. However, the height of your floral arrangements play a key role in how they will look. The scale of your décor must match the venue for both the ceremony and reception. You don’t want to have towering flowers at the ceremony that will block the view for guests or interfere with conversations at the reception meal. As well a massive bouquet can be very heavy and you don’t want to have your wrists feel like they are going to snap off half way through the ceremony.

Special Touches

There are many special touches you can add to your wedding using flowers. Pedals down the aisle look lovely. Arches above the bride and groom during the ceremony or large arrangements flanking the altar placed on decorative columns work well. Floral chandeliers are beautiful when combined with candles. Floral walls make the ultimate backdrop at receptions and can even be designed as a living wall complete with a fountain.

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