Flea Control Tips From a Veterinarian in Olathe KS

If a dog or cat has been scratching a lot lately, it’s not necessarily a reason to panic-;it’s time to take charge. If the pet is on a flea control regimen, be sure to read the directions carefully, because it’s simple to miss steps.

It’s also a good idea to Click here and ask a Veterinarian in Olathe KS for recommendations specific to the pet’s location and the local climate.

Use the Vacuum Cleaner

If the home is rarely vacuumed, an invasion of fleas can change any homeowner’s mind. Regular vacuuming removes fleas and eggs from carpets, wood floor cracks and upholstery. Don’t forget the areas where pets eat and sleep, and be sure to wash the canister or throw away the vacuum bag outdoors, so fleas don’t remain inside.

If the flea problem is severe, the carpets may need steam cleaning. The heat from the process will kill fleas, but it may not get all eggs. Flea eggs can hatch later, causing the need for additional cleaning. In an extreme infestation, the homeowner may want to treat the house with a “flea bomb” or call an exterminator. However, products used should be safe for pets.

Treat Bedding

All bedding (including pet beds) should be washed in soapy, hot water. The heat and the soap kill fleas, and pet beds should be washed weekly. If pets sleep in the bed with a family member, that person’s bedding should be washed on a regular basis as well.

Get a Flea Comb

It may seem simple, but a narrow-toothed flea comb can remove the pests. Take the pet outside and focus on the areas on the neck and the tail’s base. Keep some soapy water nearby, and dip the comb to drown fleas. Regular flea comb use can tell the pet owner how well the flea control efforts are working.

Give the Pet a Bath

Once the house has been treated, and the bedding has been washed, the pet needs a thorough bath. Regular bathing can help keep fleas under control; any soap kills them, and pet owners don’t necessarily need a dedicated flea bath. However, the soap used should be safe for animals. Some prefer to end the pet bath with a dose of essential oil. All of the above steps are recommended by a Veterinarian in Olathe KS to get fleas under control and keep them that way.

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