Fixing Problems with Transfer Cases in Mesa

The transfer case is an integral part of every all-wheel-drive vehicle. It is the component that moves power from the from the car’s transmission to the front axles and the rear. Transfer cases are often mounted just outside or near the transmission. If your car develops transfer case problems, it is imperative that you have them fixed promptly lest it affects the transmission. This would necessitate carrying out time-consuming and costly repairs. Therefore, calling in a skilled and certified mechanic to repair problems with your Transfer Cases in Mesa is greatly advisable.

Transfer cases are either designed to be gear driven or chain driven. However, chain driven transfer cases are commonly preferred, especially because they are lighter and quieter. You can avoid problems with your transfer case if you maintain it appropriately. This often entails ensuring that you check the transfer case fluid level every time you are getting an oil change.

It is essential to note that while some old models of transfer cases can use gear oil or automatic transmission fluid, some transfer cases, especially the modern ones take specialty lubricants. If you hire an inexperienced mechanic who ends up putting in the wrong one, you may need to purchase a new transfer case. It is, therefore, imperative that you only allow a sufficiently trained technician to check and properly maintain your Transfer Cases in Mesa. Some of the telltale signs that your transfer case needs repair include:

     *     Popping noises while accelerating, whether in a turn or a straight line

     *     If you notice that your vehicle, especially the automatic engaging type suddenly goes into neutral when driving.

     *     A binding sensation when turning

     *     Fluid leaking from seals or vent

     *     Difficulty in shifting into different ranges.

Transfer cases are now becoming very common as more SUV are moving to the front wheel drive, in addition to more cars utilizing all-wheel drive. Transfer cases are quite expensive, and you don’t want to have to replace yours for failing to carry out timely repairs. If you want to have your transfer case problems repaired inexpensively, you should have them addressed sooner than later. Visit Shift Right Transmissions for accurate diagnosis and repair of all your transmission case problems.



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