Fix That with Air Conditioner in Service Wichita Kansas

On a sweltering, sticky day, it can be frustrating and ultimately sickening, if one’s air conditioning unit is not working properly. Besides the sticky sweat that one’s body products, many people can suffer heat exhaustion or heat stroke from an excessively hot day. Symptoms of trouble with an air conditioner include excessive noise, intermittent working, lack of cold air, or refrigerant leaks. Homeowners will greatly benefit their unit if they can pinpoint the exact issue for the technician to resolve. By pinpointing the symptoms, they can narrow the problem areas and decrease the amount of unnecessary labor for the technician. After pinpointing the issue, one should call a technician for air conditioner repair.


Finding the right Air Conditioner in Service Wichita Kansas, is not difficult if one follows the following tips. When looking for the right company, customers should begin with a list of the closest shops to their home or business. To whittle the list down, people should begin comparing each company’s length of time in the business, relevant services, and referrals. People can even choose to search the company in the Better Business Bureau’s database for complaints and certifications. The ideal company will be in the business for at least 10 years, provide the necessary services, and provide a list of customer referrals.

For example, if one’s air conditioner is not working, one will need to look for an Air Conditioner in Service Wichita Kansas, that repair air conditioners, has been in the business for over a decade, and has satisfied customers, as well as proper certificates. One such business in Wichita is Kelley and Dawson Service. As an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau and a Charter Member of Kansas Cooling Contractors Association, this business enjoys proper certification and a good reputation. Besides offering a flexible payment plan, Kelley and Dawson offers 24 hour emergency service, services all brands, and offers both commercial and residential maintenance. All of their technicians are certified and qualified to work on any air conditioning system. There is no better company for one’s top three choices than this company that has been in business for over 50 years. Check out this company today for quality repairs, installations, and maintenance.

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