Fix Flood Damage with Restoration NYC

Flooding in homes and businesses can be an incredibly scary occurrence because of fire hazards, the ruination of possessions, and structural damage. Besides soaking all possessions and presenting a fire hazard, water can damage the structural integrity of homes and businesses constructed of wood and plaster. For example, water can penetrate into wall cavities to create saturated pockets which can remain undetected for a long while. When this damage occurs, home owners may notice unpleasant odors or the shrinking and splitting of materials. If the water is cleared quickly enough, restoration is possible for many structures.

Before restoration can occur, the water must be removed. Some companies have special devices that suck up the excess water. Before even entering the building, all owners and cleanup crew must ensure the electrical power is turned off. Protective gear must be worn when working on projects that deal with Restoration NYC and elsewhere. Ventilation is encouraged during cleanup so all windows should be opened. Any items that have absorbed copious amounts of water should be scrapped and prevented from restoration: these items include drywall, carpet, mattresses, pillows, and particle board. To check for open pockets of saturation, the base molding and wet insulation should be removed. Anything below the water line is not considered salvageable.

The benefits of removing these structural items include preventing mold growth, dry rot, and more structure damage. Air must be moving to remove moisture and prevent growth in the wet areas. Many companies that specialize in restoration use moisture meters which measure the moisture in the organic material. Wood materials must not be reconstructed or covered until the meter reads below 16 percent. If sewage water has caused the flood, all saturated materials must be contained and disposed of to prevent the spread of disease and other health issues if these materials are merely dried and cleaned. It is incredibly important to call a professional company for water damage restoration so the home and business will be safe.

Companies like Maspeth Environmental Corp offer services that include Restoration NYC including: removing contaminated roofing material, pipe insulation, plaster, and caulking. Instead of merely removing material, companies like Maspeth work with clients to restore the home or business to the conditions before the flood.


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