Five Ways to Update your Home’s Exterior with Paint

by | Dec 4, 2014 | Home Improvement

Searching and finding the right Exterior House Painters in Toronto can be a difficult job, but an integral part of your home makeover project. A team that spends time doing the right preparation will make the difference between a professional job and one that looks like an amateur had their hand in it. Take the time and interview a few painters. Ask them about their preparation process and the steps involved, “What will they do to get your house ready for painting?” Eliminate the painters not able to provide detail or expand on their process.

Here are five ideas you can consider to update your home’s exterior:

 1.  Garage Doors: A fresh coat of paint on your garage doors will make them appear new and change the look of your entire home. If your garage doors play a prominent role in the look of your home you can take two approaches: 1) If you want to downplay their appearance choose a colour that is similar to your brick or siding and they will fade into the background or 2) To make them stand out, choose a contrasting colour that will draw attention to them.

2.  Shutters: If you have shutters on your windows a fresh coat of paint can add charm. You can go for a sophisticated look with black or gray, add charm and cheer with yellow or red or use a neutral tone to blend in with your brick or siding for a more modern, uniformed look.

 3.  Front Door: Your front door should be the focus of your home to create a warm and welcoming look. Front doors can always stand a punch of colour such as red. However you can achieve any look using the same premise as you would for your shutters or garage doors. If you decide to paint all three, choose like colours so they complement each other. You can elect to do a brighter colour for your front door to draw more attention to it.

 4.  Tired Brick: It might be a bolder step but you can consider painting out brick or stone features on your home for a more modern look. Doing the entire home might be a bit much. However, if you have an unsightly stone or brick trim around the foundation, doorways or other aspects of your home, a paint colour to complement the rest of the home will downplay the unattractive appearance.

 5.  Trim: If your home has decorative trim such as gingerbread on Victorian row houses or wood trim on Tudor style homes you can update the look with a new paint colour. You can also look at details in stucco or concrete and add a new, modern paint colour to give your home an entirely new look.

Any good exterior house painters in Toronto should be able to offer suggestions to update your home to offer more curb appeal or to add a more modern, sophisticated look.

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