Five Reasons For Installing Standing Seam Roof Snow Guards

Metal roofs present a problem for those who live in them in winter climates. The surface is smooth, offering no resistance to snow and ice. They simply slide over the roofing material and off the roof. This creates a potentially dangerous situation. To defeat any risks to passersby, standing seam roof snow guards are installed.

What Are Snow Roof Guards?

Standing seam roof snow guards are devices designed to be attached to a metal roof. They are available in diverse sizes and shapes. They are also constructed of various materials – including plastic and metal.

Five Reasons for Installing Snow Roof Guards

Installing snow roof guards on standing seam roofs is a common means to address several known problems in areas where snow and ice can create a serious hazard. Snow guards retain the snow and ice on the roof, distributing it evenly during the melting process. This

  • Prevents damage to the roofing drainage system related to snowmelt
  • Provides safety for pedestrians close to the roof
  • Reduces potential damage to nearby parked cars and structures
  • Lessens the level of damage to the standing seam roof
  • Facilitates the maintenance of the metal roof

Standing Seam Roof Snow Guards

Standing seam metal roofs have soft, smooth surfaces. This does not provide the traction needed to slow down the progression of snow and ice from your roof to the ground. Installing snow guards on the roof slows the snow’s progress preventing it from falling onto unsuspecting passersby – sometimes with serious consequences.

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