Five Industrial Aluminum Square Bar Applications

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Business

The aluminum square bar is an extrusion product. Depending on the type of alloy, it is often produced with smooth surfaces, allowing for anodizing to increase the metal’s corrosion resistance for exposed products. Seawater, air, and chemical resistant qualities allow for its application in a wide range of industries. The bar is available in solid or hollow interiors. For example, square piping fits together better in tight spaces. The solid bar is easily welded together and has medium strength capability. The unique shape makes it useful for structural applications in buildings and vehicles as well as many other applications. Here are a few to consider:

Aircraft Industry
The bar can be welded together for strength for use in structural areas of aircraft and spacecraft. It can handle extreme temperatures and toxic chemicals. The metal shape also provides medium metal fatigue strength, yet it is lightweight. The metal is also non-magnetic to minimize disruption to sensitive instruments on the aircraft.

Nuclear Power Industry
The unique shape of aluminum square bar makes it useful for applications in nuclear reactors. Aluminum’s high degree of heat resistance is ideal for use as components in this industry.

Building Industry
Its shape and weldability for structural strength is commonly utilized in the manufacture of windows, stair rails, furniture, shelving, boxes, as well as many more items. It’s also commonly used in architectural extrusions that can form parts combining support with decoration. It is used for trim, decorative screens, grates, and ornamental frames and supports.

Petrochemical Industry
Refineries and chemical manufacturing plants use this shape in solid and hollow forms. Aluminum’s resistance to highly toxic chemicals is a valuable characteristic for piping for petroleum or chemical fluids. This shape’s structural strength allows for its use in tanks and buildings that are exposed to the toxic atmosphere.

Electric Power Industry
Aluminum wires are made from this product. Using dies and the extrusion process, various sizes of wiring can be produced. Since high voltage power lines use woven aluminum wires, the square shape offers the necessary strength and space requirements for a highly reliable product in power transmission applications.

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