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by | Apr 30, 2013 | Lawyer

Suffering a serious injury due to the actions of someone else can be devastating physically, emotionally, and economically. Due to your injuries you may not be able to concentrate on what your next steps should be. This is where a qualified personal injury attorney should be consulted. You can focus on recuperating while your attorney investigates the circumstances of your injury, represents your interests, deals with insurance companies, and works to get you the compensation you deserve.

Injury Attorney Oakland will be your advocate whether going through mediation, or in the courtroom, should that become necessary. This is why selecting the right personal injury attorney is critical. You will want someone who not only has experience in these types of cases, but one who is also familiar with the tactics that the insurances companies will employ. In these tough economic times, insurance companies are getting increasingly restrictive regarding claims payouts. This is all the more reason you need an attorney who is tenacious, experienced, and who has the necessary resources to accomplish a positive outcome for you.

If an insurance company makes an offer to settle your dispute, it is most likely going to be for much less than you are rightfully entitled to. This is the time to contact an attorney. If a courtroom trial can be avoided, a good personal injury attorney will try to do so and settle your case through mediation. However mediation is most successful when the insurance company knows that your attorney is fully-prepared to go to trial. This is mediating from a position of strength and it is one thing most insurance companies fear.

As to how much the insurance company will offer as compensation and how much your attorney will ask for, it varies widely from case to case. Many elements come into play to determine what a fair and equitable settle is. The type of injury you sustained and how severe it is as well as how long a full recovery may take all factor into the equation. Are your injuries permanently disabling and, if so, what is the effect on your future earning capacity? These are just some of the factors that an experienced attorney will look at when determining what you are entitled to.

No matter the severity of your injury, it is always a good idea to contact Injury Attorney Oakland so that they can analyze your situation first.

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