Finding the Right Fire Extinguisher in Illinois

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Safety Equipment Supplies

If you want to upgrade the security of your building or house, it might be a wise idea to purchase a fire extinguisher. However, finding the right fire extinguisher in Illinois might be difficult. Unless you know of the variety of different types of extinguishers available, you may not know which one you want. Selecting the right extinguisher can make all the difference in an emergency. Each different type of fire extinguisher is intended to put out the fire that may have been caused by a different material.

Fire extinguishers are categorized in different classes. Each type of extinguisher also comes with a unique alphabetical rating. There are five different classes of fire extinguishers, categorized in Class A, B, C, D and K. Here is a brief description of all the different classes:

Class A: The Class A extinguishers usually have an “A” written inside a green triangle. There’s a small pictogram as well, depicting burning wood and a trash can. The Class A extinguisher can be used to put out a fire that may have been caused by ordinary combustibles, such as rubber, cloth, paper and certain plastics. All materials that can leave ash behind can be put out by the Class A extinguisher.

Class B: Class B extinguishers can be identified by the bold “B,” which is enclosed in a red square. There’s also a pictogram depicting a can of gasoline and a small pool or burning liquid. The Class B extinguisher is used to put out a fire that may have been caused by any flammable liquid. Common examples include diesel fuel, gasoline and other flammable solutions found in laboratories. The B basically denotes liquids that are commonly found in barrels.

Class C: Class C extinguishers can be recognized with a “C” enclosed in a blue circle right in the middle. There’s a picture of a burning socket as well as an electric plug. The Class C extinguisher can be used to put out a fire that may be caused by electrical equipment, such as motors, circuit boards or other tools. The C is used to denote all extinguishers rated as usable on electric fires.

Class D: Class D extinguishers have a picture of burning tools and bearings. They can be recognized by the “D” enclosed in a yellow pentagram right on the front. The extinguisher can be used for putting out fires that originate from metallic alloys, or metals such as magnesium, sodium or titanium.

Class K: The Class K fire extinguisher is used to put out fires that are caused exclusively by fat, grease or other cooking materials. The “K” stands for kitchen. Depending upon your needs, you should buy the extinguisher that best suits your requirements.

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