Finding Rhinestone Custom Transfers

Rhinestone custom transfers are made by placing glass, plastic, or crystals which are backed with a silver or other color reflective backing onto a heat fused sticky transfer material in the outline of a design. This design is then ironed or heat pressed onto a piece of fabric or other material such as an article of clothing, a bag or other accessory, or even jewelry. Rhinestone designs are usually outlines of words or pictures which are done in white, silver, or clear stones; however, sometimes you have elaborately filled designs or outlines which use any color that you want.

You can find rhinestone custom transfers in a variety of different patterns either at your local craft supply store or online. The main benefit of conducting your rhinestone search online is that you will be more likely to find the design that you want, for a price that you want, and without having to leave the comfort of your home. Whether you are looking for words, pictures, or a custom design you will usually be able to find it online.

Rhinestone custom transfers are a beautiful way for the crafty person to set apart the new mom at the baby shower, the bride at the bridal shower, the bride and bridesmaids at the bachelorette party, or the birthday kid at a party. They are also good ways to highlight youth camp counselors or children, or just to display your personality on everyday items such as purses, t-shirts, hats or more. Many online rhinestone transfer companies can sell you hundreds of transfer designs or even make one unique to you and your purpose with different fonts of alphabets or with words added to many different designs.

If you have access to an iron or heat press then you can put rhinestone custom transfers onto your own items with a little work; however, there are companies who will be able to do this sort of custom work for you for a fee. If you are doing a smaller job and by yourself then you will probably be better off doing the transfer work yourself from designs purchased from a craft or rhinestone company. The same is true if you are doing the transfers for a youth group camp because you can usually find enough irons to let the youth group do the transfers for an activity prior to the camp.

Finding rhinestone custom transfers can be easy once you know what kind of design or wording you are looking for. Dakota Collectibles offers large selection of rhinestone transfers with unique designs.

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