Finding Excitement Online and the in Real World with Off Broadway Shows

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Arts and Entertainment

Entertainment is a wonderful way to experience new things, relax after a long day, and be fascinated with a certain style or artist. There are people who embrace mediums because of entertainment while others embrace it for the artistic sensibility it conveys. Broadway shows are often extremely entertaining or extremely artistic, and sometimes they are both equally. It simply depends on where someone finds their enjoyment. The scale is huge, and Spiderman Broadway shows aimed for young teens could be fitted against the next Shakespearean epic. They both have their merits.

Broadway Audience is an online forum where fans discuss the latest on and off Broadway shows. The online forum examines the culture in-depth by allowing fans a lens into the culture on a critical level. Every fan comes equipped with a microscope and a charmingly argumentative edge that is fun to explore. There are shows on Broadway as well as off Broadway shows. Both have have shows that are terrible as well as phenomenal, and no opinion is ultimately better than another until it is defended online.

Below are just some of the most popular off Broadway shows in the 2013 and 2014 season that are frequently discussed.

Few songs are as openly weird and esoteric as ‘Amazing Max and the Box of Interesting Things.’ The show is aimed toward children with its reliance on audience participation and magic, but it has a whimsical edge that plays on legitimate laws of physics. It is a magic show at heart, and arguably one of the best.

Avenue Q is difficult to explain, for it is the definitive ‘need to see it to believe it’ kind of show. It is bit in the quaint and smaller atmosphere of the theaters off Broadway.

Lastly, ‘Adventures of Maya the Bee’ is a family friendly commentary on exploration and freedom. A revamped version is playing throughout 2014.

Performance art is a fantastic world to explore, for there is so much to discuss and debate about. Opinions are everywhere. The greatest irony is that all of them are wrong and all of them are right. The excitement comes from finding who may be slightly more right than the other, and why this is so. Browse the website to read more.

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