Finding a Sports Medicine Health Care Provider in Mira Mesa

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Medical Specialties

Pain, whether it’s chronic or short term, negatively affects a person’s day and prohibits participation in their usual exercises. Fortunately, help is available. Amateur athletes experience the same injuries as their professional counterparts and need help with pain relief and rehabilitation to prevent long term and future injuries. Many types of musculoskeletal injuries can be helped with the duel treatment approach of chiropractic and physical rehabilitation.

Just like many other musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries can be a result of misalignment in parts of the body. When a misalignment exists and repetitive motion is added into the mix, such as with throwing a ball in baseball, softball, or football or in swinging a tennis racket, pain can result. Improper alignment in conjunction with repetitive motion can cause strain and inflammation, making it impossible for the athlete to perform the motion due to the pain. Athletes need only search for sports medicine Mira Mesa to get help and begin the process of healing.

To begin the process of rehabilitating a sports injury, it’s important to reduce any swelling and establish a program of rehabilitative care to promote internal recovery. When that has taken place, the chiropractor can determine if misalignment is the cause of improper motion. If in fact misalignment is the cause, correcting that problem is crucial in setting the stage for correct movement and the prevention of future injuries or long term problems.

Patients that have experienced recurrent problems because they never received treatment may be suffering from scar tissue at the site of the initial injury. Chronic knee and shoulder pain occurs frequently because of lack of treatment. As with other injuries, rehabilitation and correct alignment, if necessary, can help keep this from happening. A sports medicine Mira Mesa practice can offer patients relief from chronic pain.

All sports injuries regardless whether it’s tennis elbow or sprained ankle require timely care. Many patients wait until the pain is gone and begin exercising again. This result is a repeating cycle of exercise, pain, and injury. To avoid this pattern, patients should quickly start the rehabilitation process. With proper care, chronic pain and future injuries in the same spot can be avoided.

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