Finding a Service Provider for Tree Removal in Somerville

Trees are perennial plants that serve many functions. These plants provide oxygen and shading. Trees also help stabilize soil and prevent soil erosion. Sometimes, however, these plants needs to be removed due to disease. Some trees are removed for aesthetic purposes. Unless you have the tools and experience, it’s advisable to call a service provider for tree removal in Somerville. Use the following guidelines for this job.

A tree removal expert will have the tools and knowledge to safely perform tree removal in Somerville while doing the least amount of harm to the surrounding environment. If you have not hired a tree remover before, ask people you know for referrals such as friends and family members. When gathering these referrals, ensure that you learn about the type of customer service and workmanship each person received. Inquire about the price of the tree removal and how long it took to perform it. After you have this information, decide upon two service providers to further research.

Make first contact with each tree remover. Ask questions that will help you learn about his tree removal services. Some questions to pose include:

*    Is debris removal included in the tree removal services?

*    Will you comply with state laws regarding the disposal of trees?

*    When can you start?

*    How long will the job take?

*    Will you provide stump grinding below the ground surface?

Ask the tree remover if he has general liability and workers’ compensation. Hiring an uninsured worker puts you at risk of being held liable if a worker is hurt while working on your property. Ensure that you view a certificate of insurance provided by the insurance representative of the service provider. Also, ask the service provider if he has a state license. You can verify this at a later date by contacting your state agency’s professional licensing agency to confirm the existence of an active license in good standing.

Once you have all these details, you can carefully choose one to complete your job. Doing this will enable you to enhance the looks of your property and remove diseased trees. For more information on tree removal, please contact Cambridge Landscape. This business can handle many types of tree services.

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