Finding a Courier to the USA from India

Whether you have friends living in the USA or are an India business wanting to ship to the USA, you need to find a good courier to work with full-time, which allows you to have the benefits of using the same company. However, it is important to find the right courier, as there are many out there who don’t offer the same services that you may require.

What You Want Shipped

A courier is usually able to get dangerous items shipped while other shipping companies may not. However, you should consider the types of items you will be shipping and whether or not they are dangerous goods. Most people realize that firearms, lighters, aerosol cans and other items are hazardous, but most people don’t stop and consider just what could be considered dangerous.

If you are selling or shipping items such as perfume, mobile phones, matches, medication, batteries, charcoal, chemicals or anything that contains chemicals, these will all be considered dangerous. Your courier will need to be able and willing to ship these types of goods on a regular basis.

Sometimes, you may not even realize that the item is dangerous because it seems harmless. For example, many people in India have children or grandchildren living in the USA, so they may choose to send toys. Many toys come complete with batteries required to make them move or talk and these toys are considered dangerous, along with tea tree oil, hair dye, oil paints and even some electronics.

When Do You Need it There?

If you are shipping for a business, you will likely require the items to be on time and offer varying degrees of quickness. This can also be true if you want to send a family member or friend an item for a birthday or holiday. Therefore, ensure that the India courier offers the shipping times you require. Most offer regular shipping, along with one or three-day versions.

Which Countries?

Though you may only need to ship from India to the USA currently, you may find yourself broadening your business later so that you will need to ship to other countries. Find out which countries your courier can ship to safely.


Everyone is interested in a deal so prices are increasingly important to consider. However, remember that shipping dangerous goods or food will typically cost more than shipping a sweater or other simple item.

If you need a courier to the USA from India, consider Fastway Worldwide Express India, as they can handle almost any shipping need.

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