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by | Aug 21, 2013 | Business Services

If you are planning a special event and would like a fun, healthy and affordable meal to serve to your guests then you really should consider Mongolian stir fry. Mongolian stir fry restaurants are definitely not your ordinary and typical Chinese restaurant. No matter if your event will be small or large choosing this fresh and tasty delight is sure to win over each and every one of your guests. The main concept of these types of restaurants is to actually build your very own stir fry meal. And what is so great about these restaurants is that they also offer Catering in Herndon services.

This is not only a very delicious and unique type of food but it is also very fun because you get to choose anything and everything that goes into your meal. Now you can take charge and choose what will go into the meal that you will be serving to your guests. These restaurants take huge pride in offering their customers only the freshest and highest quality of ingredients in all of their food that they sell.

Even when it comes to Catering Services Herndon you will get to choose the meats, the sauces in addition to your choice of rice and noodles. Their meat selections for Catering in Herndon are chicken, beef and shrimp. Typically for catering services they use a fresh and high quality standard vegetable mix. If there are any vegetables that you do not want in this mix they will gladly remove them for you at your request..

For your event their party pans of stir fry cost $9.99 per person. There are three steps to building your stir fry masterpiece for your event. Your special and unique creation includes your choice of meats, your choice of their daily homemade special stir fry sauces as well as your choice noodles or rice. They also offer cookie platters if you are looking for a small and simple dessert. One of the biggest benefits of their catering services is that the food is super fresh as well as very affordable.

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