Find Appropriate Care for Alzheimer’s Patients with A memory Care Facility

When a person starts to age and show signs of their memory loss, it can be a very scary situation for friends and family members. It is estimated that over five million people live with Alzheimer’s disease in this country alone. This disease can leave untrained loved ones to shoulder the responsibilities of caring for these individuals and that can prove to be a quite challenging burden. A memory care facility is a more modern approach to assisted living that was developed strictly to adhere to the demands of the growing population of elderly patients faced with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

What Is the Difference Between Memory Care and A Nursing Home?

In a nursing home setting, patients are exposed to a health care environment. Privacy is not typically permitted to much of an extent and around the clock nursing care is provided. this type of residence is usually more suitable for patients who have ongoing health issues that prevent them from taking care of all of their personal needs. On the other hand, a memory care facility is more like an assisted living center. residents are closely monitored and provided with a schedule for days events and activities.

However, nurses are not usually hovering over these patients 24 hours per day, which allows the residents to still have their own space and care for what they can on their own. Many nursing homes will not keep a patient simply due to memory issues or dementia. However, you will never have to be concerned that your loved one is too well to stay at a memory facility.

Will Insurance Cover A Memory Facility?

Because of the fact that the memory facility is a fairly new type of assisted living, most insurance plans will not pay the costs of care for a patient. However, there are several locations that provide flexible payment options and will work with loved ones to ensure that payment is affordable. It is well worth the cost of care to know that your loved one suffering with memory loss will always be in safe hands in a place that will give them a stable environment and the care that they need. Visit Sunshine Adult Day Health Care Center for further details.

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