Find a Spa Package that Fits Your Needs

When you intend to go to a spa regularly, it is a magnificent idea to invest in spa packages. Prestigious salons that offer spa packages understand that their clients prefer having the choice of many different packages that reflect diverse types of services and facility hours. There is always the availability of a multitude of spa packages that fit client’s needs. Elite spa packages in New York come from up-scale salons that cater to their clients with extravagance.

Luxurious Spa Days

A luxury spa day tends to take up at least six hours and can include a plethora of services. Clients are welcomed into an atmosphere that caters to their every desire while being pampered by a caring and enthusiastic staff. Such services can include deluxe pedicures and manicures, massages, mud body wraps, deep cleansing hydrating facials, shampoo services, deep conditioning treatments, blow out and styling options for hair, makeup applications and brow shaping finish a luxurious package.

A Complete Spa Day

Those that wish to spend the entire day at the spa will want to invest in a full day spa package. You will spend up to five hours with professional technicians that politely take you through every stage of this spa package. It all begins with a facial that is classic European and proceeds to classic manicures and pedicures. A deep tissue massage is next on the agenda followed by hair treatment that includes shampooing, deep conditioning, blowout and finally makeup application. You will leave the spa feeling absolutely glamorous.

Groom and Bridal Massage Packages

When considering nuptials, most think of the bride being stressed.  While this is true in most cases, the groom can feel stressed, as well. Groom to Be Packages are the perfect way to let the special man in your life know that you understand he’s stressed too. Such packages include an indulgent shave, a sports manicure and pedicure, and a deep tissue massage that lasts up to ninety minutes. There is no better way to let him know he deserves to relax just as much as the bride. Bridal packages consists of the same services with additional services that include a facial for her, a mud body wrap, Shiatsu massage, hair treatment from start to finish, brow shaping and makeup application. These types of gifts are perfect for a couple getting ready for a wedding ceremony.

Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa has spa packages in New York that cater to discriminating tastes. Contact them today to make an appointment, or to purchase special spa packages for loved ones.

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