Find a Great Children’s Dentist in Clifton Park, NY

You understand why your dental health is important, but what about the dental health of children? Children need dental checkups from an early age to keep their dental health in check. Dental checkups prevent cavities and tooth decay. When children have cavities and tooth decay, it causes pain, difficulty concentrating, and can lead to other medical problems like infection. Children Dentist Clifton Park NY can help children maintain their dental health.

Dental checkups help to prevent plaque, gum disease. The CDC estimates that more than 40% of children have some form of tooth decay by the time they reach kindergarten. This tooth decay is completely preventable with the right dental treatment and education. Some people just don’t think that children’s dental health is important because they lose their baby teeth anyway. Good dental health in children helps set them up for healthy habits later in life and can prevent complications that result from tooth decay.

Capital District Pediatric Dentistry can help when complications arise. The two major type of fillings used are amalgam and composite. Amalgam fillings are stronger and easier to place, but are silver in color, so are only used in the back teeth. Composite fillings are white and designed to blend in with the tooth. Composite fillings are always used in front teeth and can be used in back teeth at the patient’s request.

If a cavity is left untreated, a pulpotomy will have to be performed. This is done to prevent infection and nerve damage for large cavities that reach the nerve ending. Sstainless steel crowns are a solution for children with decayed, cracked, or damaged teeth. White porcelain crowns can be applied to front teeth. Laser dentistry is used for hard and soft tissue repairs. Tooth extractions can be done as a last resort, and a spacer can be placed to maintain dental alignment.

A good pediatric dentist will tell, show, and do when working with children. They will use positive reinforcement to help them relax. Nitrous oxide relaxation by an experienced dentist can be performed if necessary, and medication can be given to reduce anxiety, dry the mouth, and reduce nausea. For more difficult procedures, conscious sedation to general anesthesia can be used and will be performed by an experienced doctor to make sure your child’s needs are met safely. Find a Children Dentist Clifton Park NY for your child’s dental health needs.



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