Filters Are Meant Not Only for Human Comfort But Also to Keep the A/C Working

One of the most frequent instructions from air conditioner repairmen is to change the filters quarterly. Homeowners are encouraged to get pleated filters because they catch more dirt and bacteria. Homeowners are told their indoor air quality will improve using these filters. They aren’t aware of how clean, good-quality filters prevent needing a nearby air conditioning repairman.

Although filters keep something clean, they also protect. Imagine coffee grounds in your coffee maker with no filter; the result would be a new coffee maker. The same happens to your air conditioner. The dirt, dust, and allergens get on the coil, which blocks air from passing over it to be cooled. If that goes on long enough, you’ll be calling Rockford Heating & Air Conditioning repair services.

Air conditioning repair services in Rockton will tell you when warm air is drawn out of the house, it’s drawn through a filter. It passes over a coil with refrigerant, where the heat is absorbed. The refrigerant lowers the temperature of the air. The cool air is then blown into the house through another filter.

The coil sits in a dark, wet place. The filters prevent mold spores, dirt, dust, allergens, and other particulates from being blown into the house. The coil can do its job properly. Without the filter catching the dirt, the coil would be buried beneath it. Unable to work properly, it would try harder and harder to cool. The strain would overwhelm your power bill.

Air conditioning filters do double duty in keeping the air conditioner working properly as well as keeping the indoor air quality healthy and safe. Air conditioning repair services in Rockton are professionals near that can tell you where the coil is located so you can clean it.

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