Felony Lawyer in Chicago Warns of Many Felony Situations

Are you in need of a lawyer to represent you for a felony of which you have been accused? You might be thinking of murder, rape or robbing a bank, but there are crimes of lesser degrees that qualify as felonies. For example, as of 2014, in the State of Illinois, flicking a cigarette butt will be a felony, depending upon the amount of offenses you have had. The new Illinois law states that “flicking cigarettes out the window a felony and $25,000 fine for three or more offenses.” As outlandish as this may sound, if you are a cigarette smoker, you could unwittingly throw a butt out the window or on the ground and become a felon. A Felony Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois tells you a little about felonies in Illinois.

Felonies are much more serious than misdemeanors and a typical felony charge carries a jail sentence of over a year. Felonies fall into 5 categories, all of which could include a $25,000 fine: Class X (i.e. aggravated sexual assault) calls for between 6 and 30 years in the State Penitentiary, a Class 1, such as possession of heroin carries between 4 to 15 years in the State Penitentiary, Class 2, such as arson, carries between 3 to 7 years in the State Penitentiary, Class 3, like aggravated battery, will carry between 2 to 5 years in the State Penitentiary and Class 4, for example, stalking, will carry 1 to 3 years in the Illinois State Penitentiary. The charges of murder are in a felonious class all by themselves.

John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr, the lead attorney at the Law Office of John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. & Associates has been practicing law in the Chicago, Illinois area for over 16 years and is experienced in criminal law, including felony cases, personal injury and family law. John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr. is a former prosecutor and has the experience and know-how on both sides of the legal process to aid you in your felony accusations. The law office will serve you in misdemeanor crimes, juvenile crimes, divorce cases, child support, accidents, medical malpractice and much more. For a Felony Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois and the Hyde Park, Illinois areas, contact the Law Office of John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. & Associates at their office.

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