Fast and Efficient Apartment Move Out Cleaning

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Cleaning Service

Moving out of one apartment and into another or a newly purchased home is tiring. Once your entire life is packed, it has to be reorganized in your new residence. Soon, it will be time to wrap up your previous lease and make the argument in receiving your full deductible from the previous landlord. Apartment move out cleaning alleviates the stress while you reestablish in your new home.

Worth the Money Because it Is Saving Money

But what if your old apartment has fingerprints on the walls and the carpet has been worn down? What if, when you move out, you do not have enough time while you’re packing to go back and clean the old apartment? Landlords can keep various amounts of money out of your deductible depending on what the state of the apartment is left in when vacated. Hiring a company to perform a fast and efficient apartment move out cleaning is one of the easiest ways to ensure these items are not billed to be removed from your deductible as well as continuing to have a great reference for future landlords.

What Is in a Move Out Cleaning?

Apartment move out cleaning comes with a variety of services. Some move out cleaning services include sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, dusting all fixtures and surfaces, sanitizing kitchen countertops, sinks, showers, wiping baseboards, and washing the refrigerator. Customers should ask what exactly is included in apartment move out cleaning services prior to contracting this service. Instead of spending hours cleaning your old residence, you can be unpacking and settling in your new residence while a cleaning service completes the job for you. For more information, please visit Clean Stride.

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