FAQs About Air Conditioning in Toledo OH

The HVAC portion of your home is most critical to keep running efficiently, lest you begin to experience uncomfortable temperatures. When a breakdown in any portion of that occurs, the heating, the cooling or the ventilation system, you want to get that fixed immediately. This article will answer some FAQs about your Air Conditioning in Toledo OH.

1. Some people complain that is there is always one room in the house that seems to be hotter than others in the summer, and colder in the winter. The issue could be with your ductwork, and you may want an HVAC repair person to check it out.

2. Some people had questions about the effectiveness of ceiling fans in a room. The answer is that ceiling fans indeed help with the cooling of a room, along with the air conditioner. However, ceiling fans do not actually cool the air, only make the air circulate. If your air conditioning is not working properly, you will still have issues on hot days.

3. When looking at the purchase of an air conditioning, or if you already have a system in place, you may notice the EER or SEER label on it. These labels tell you what the energy efficiency ratio is, or in the case of the latter, seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The higher numbers indicate that the cost of running it will be lower, which is always a plus for your pocket.

4. Some people question whether or not they should get a bigger unit for their home. They erroneously think that bigger means the rooms will cool faster. Technically, the rooms will cool off quicker, but will burn more energy doing so, thus completely voiding any energy efficient benefit you would get.

The Atlas Heating Co of Toledo OH functions to provide heating and cooling solutions for residents in the Toledo, OH and the Oregon, OH areas. They provide services for the air conditioning, furnaces, boilers, humidifiers, water heaters and other related appliances. They will come out and inspect your air conditioning unit to ensure it is ready for the next season of warm weather. If you need repairs of your Air Conditioning in Toledo OH.

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