Family Law Covers Many Different Arenas

The area of family law is actually quite a vast area of law. In fact, some lawyers or law firms specialize in just a few areas of family law. For any person or family who is considering hiring a family lawyer in Berwyn it is important to understand all of the areas that are covered by family law. This will help a person or family to making a more informed decision when such a time does arise to hire a Family Law Lawyer In Berwyn.


One area of family law has to do with marriages and partnerships. In the state of Illinois, the divorce proceedings are legally classified as a dissolution of marriage. This is a particular area within the realm of family law. A dissolution of marriage can also involve other areas of family law such as child custody and child support.

Child Custody and Adoption

For child custody and child support this is usually a direct casualty of any dissolution of marriage. The state of Illinois has a set of acts and laws that help to set guidelines for child custody and child support just like any other state. In some cases though, additional help is needed in order to enforce these laws or to reach an agreeable settlement between the two parents regarding child custody and child support.

Related to child custody is the adoption. Each year the process of adoption becomes increasingly difficult, and the laws governing adoption become even harder and harder to interpret. It gets even more difficult when the process goes outside of the state borders or even outside of the country’s borders. A Family Law Lawyer In Berwyn can help a family navigate through these difficult waters.

Also related to children is the unfortunate area of child abuse and abduction. When cases like these arise, or it is suspected that child abuse is going on, then it often takes a family lawyer to help a person or family go through the proper process in order to bring justice to the offender. The law is on the child’s side, but help is often needed in order to act on the laws.


Another area of family law involves juveniles and criminal behavior. For juveniles, there are a different set of laws that govern them instead of the laws for adults. If there is a case of this, then the best thing to do is to seek the help of a family lawyer in order to get the most help possible for his or her child.

There are other smaller areas of family law. These are the main ones. They deal with every aspect of the family and the legal problems that may arise. It is everything from adoption to divorce.

The attorneys at the Gabrielle S. Davis law offices practice family law in the state of Illinois and in particular, the greater Chicago area. Practice areas include prenuptial agreements, divorce, restraining orders, parental rights, as well as works as a family law lawyer in Berwyn. The law firm offers a free initial consultation.

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