Fall In Love With Your Dentist

by | Sep 28, 2012 | Dentistry

Unless you are a love-struck ninny on a soap opera, no one expects you to fall in love with your dentist in Tampa. Actually, the converse is generally true. Your dentist may be a great guy, but the fact is that you associate him with what may be one of your least favorite activities in life: going to the dentist. So here is a challenge to you: learn to love your dentist (or at least not dread seeing him) in order to promote better dental health for yourself.

Even if you are religious about brushing and flossing, your teeth are beautiful, and you never have any cavities, going to the dentist in Tampa is never a great experience. It’s certainly not something you’d choose on a Friday night date over, say, going to see the latest movie or dining at a fine restaurant. So this is the time to do a few mental gymnastics and change how you feel about the visit. If your teeth are really that good, then find out how it is for a person who has not taken care of their teeth as well as you have. In fact, if you really want to be scared straight, go talk to a person who wears dentures. The social stigma with having to take your teeth out and in, and all the inconvenience it causes when eating that you now take for granted will be a great eye opener. The fact is, you have done yourself a great service and a big favor in keeping your teeth healthy all of these years. Instead of viewing a visit to the dentist in Tampa as a pain in the neck, you should consider it more like taking a victory lap.

If on the other hand, you are not that person with perfectly healthy teeth, then you have likely had at least a few painful experiences at the dentist in Tampa. The challenge to love your dentist is going to be tougher for you. The silly adage “you always hurt the ones you love” will probably not cut the mustard with your dental health care program. The biggest problem that you will deal with is, when you need to visit your dentist for a major procedure, you may put off going because of the trauma you experienced during previous visits. Be careful not to do that. The problem will get worse and even more painful to deal with the longer you wait. It is better in this circumstance to consider sedation dentistry instead of hiding from your dentist, for necessary tooth care.

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