Facts about the Energy Efficienty of a Garage Door for Your Attached Garage in Yukon, OK

Before you buy a new garage door for your Attached Garage in Yukon Ok, it’s a good idea to learn about the energy efficiency a garage door has. A garage door acts an an insulator to keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The amount of insulation a garage door has will determine the movement of air from the outside to the inside. In addition, a properly insulated garage door offers a homeowner noise reduction and an enhanced aesthetic value.

The way a garage door is put together will largely determine the effectiveness it has in preventing heat loss and noise intrusion. The energy efficiency of a garage door for an Attached Garage in Yukon OK, is determined by its R-value. This value is the measurement of heat resistance. It’s primarily used in construction and building industries. The chemical properties of the materials used to construct a garage door, in addition to the material’s thickness are used to evaluate the energy efficiency of a garage door.

The thermal resistance of a garage door also helps in case of fire. Installing a properly insulated door can lessen the chances of a fire getting through the door. The R-value is measured by multiplying the temperature difference times the area times the time. This number is divided by the amount of heat loss to arrive at the R-value.

Having the proper layers of materials in your garage door assists in noise reduction. Many homeowners spend money trying to add layers of materials to prevent or lessen noise intrusion. Purchasing a door with added insulation can save you money by not having to buy these materials. Also, by using your heating and cooling system less to alter home temperatures, you can greatly reduce your energy expenses.

Looking at the R-value of a door will allow you to decide if it offers the insulation you need for your home. The higher the R-value, the great its ability to prevent heat transfer. For more information on the energy efficiency of garage doors, please Browse the website of Ace Garage Door, LLC. This business offers garage door sales and garage door opener services.

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