Facts About Insurance and Auto Insurance Quotes in Tulsa OK

Auto insurance is a fact of life for everyone who owns a vehicle. Since it is required by every state, there is no way to avoid having at least a minimal amount of coverage. If you have a loan, you will be required to carry full coverage. It can seem like a hassle to worry about, but Auto Insurance Quotes in Tulsa OK are quick and easy to get and if you choose the right company, you will often be able to get coverage for much less than you expect.

01. If you are in the market for auto insurance, you may appreciate some of these interesting insurance facts.
02. The average driver in the United States files an accident claim once every 17.9 years.
03. The three most common claims are for minor incidents, whiplash and theft.
04. Over 80 percent of drivers report they wear their seat belt every time they are in a vehicle.
05. The average cost of an insurance claim is $4,100. SUVS typically have slightly smaller claims with trucks averaging the highest cost per claim.
06. You need a rider added to your policy to cover property stolen from inside a vehicle. Most standard policies will not cover these items.
07. Your credit score can affect your insurance rate but the color of your vehicle will not.
08. Married people are statistically less apt to have an accident, this is why they usually will receive a discount on their policy after they wed.
09. Vehicles with two-doors are the most common automobiles to file collision claims.
10. The roads are apparently dangerous as high risk policies account for 22 percent of all policies written.
11. Rear end crashes are the most common accident.

If you are looking for Auto Insurance Quotes in Tulsa OK, make sure you are getting them from a company you can trust. The quote should be free and fast and the company should have a reputation for being available for their customers. If you are ready to purchase a policy or want to learn about what is available, you can get more info here. Do not risk driving without insurance, talk to an agent to get coverage today.

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