Express Yourself: Custom Shirts Printing Says It All

Custom shirt printing companies can make a Tee say a variety of things. In fact, they are the perfect way to express yourself. From the appearance of the word “Oz” on three men in the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, to the writing of the phrase “Property of USC” on the T shirts worn by football players at the University of California, T shirts have become the medium and the message. It is something that many custom shirt printing companies have utilized to their benefit.

The Role of Custom Shirts Printing in the 20th Century

One of the most standard roles of custom shirts printing is to act as a marketing tool. This has been used successfully since the 1970’s, although you can argue that it was around in the 1960’s. While many individuals used Tee shirts as a form of self-expression, they were advertising for a cause. Yet, it was in the 1970’s that many companies saw that custom shirt printing could result in increasing the profit line. Screen printing in particular became a standard format for getting across a marketing idea.

With the arrival of screen printing, Tee shirts began to market a range of ideas. Mickey Mouse and Coca Cola became common logos on this casual piece of apparel. In fact, they were among the very first to make this medium work for them. However, other companies quickly got on the band wagon.

Besides major corporations, designers also came out with a line of custom shirts. The printing on them consisted mainly of logos. Among the most common names that raised the common Tee to designer status from the late 1980’s and into and beyond the 1990’s were:

* American Apparel
* Dolce & Gabbana
* Fendi
* The Gap
* Christopher Kane
* Calvin Klein
* Ralph Lauren
* Raf Simmons
* Versace

Not only do they create designer Tee shirts, but they produce them as part of a collection. They change the designs and styles annually, while maintaining a clear identification with the brand.

Rocking & Rolling: Music and Custom Shirts

Bands of various types have found their way onto Tee shirts – both legally and otherwise. Licensed Tees feature custom shirts with printing of both, renowned and obscure bands. They’re sold at concerts and in retail outlets. They are created by online companies and come in a variety of types. Some have become at least as famous as the bands they advertise. These types of Tee shirts advertise the product while indicating the musical leanings of those who wear them. The same applies to Tees that are customized to represent specific Television shows, movies, or popular shows like The Big Bang Theory and cult programs like The Walking Dead.

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

Nowadays, Tee shirts are used as tools of advertising. It may be a product, or it may reflect a taste. In both instances, however, custom shirts with printing provide a glimpse of an individual’s preferences in style, music, television, or other products. This role will continue in the 21st century, although production methods are bound to reflect the changes resulting from technological advances.

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