Explore Greece’s Largest Island by Renting a Car

The island of Crete is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. It is the fifth largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, and the largest island in Greece, with an area of 8,336 square kilometers. That’s a lot of area to explore! In fact, one of the best way to explore Crete is by car. If you are traveling to this lovely island, you should consider renting a car as soon as you arrive. There are plenty of options for car rental Crete airport. Take a look online today and book your ride!

Crete plays an important role in the economy and cultural heritage of Greece. Although the people of Crete maintain their own cultural characteristics (such as a distinct dialect and traditional style of music), they still consider themselves to be Greeks. Heraklion is the largest city and capital of Crete. Consider a car rental Crete airport to get comfortably from the airport to your hotel in this exciting historical city! This will help you ease into your travels, while allowing you to focus on the exhilarating views that are unfolding just outside the windows of your vehicle.

Crete has a long history. It was the center of the Minoan civilization (2700-1420 BC), the first advanced civilization in Europe. The legendary King Minos founded the Cretan civilization and promoted the urbanization of the island, which has continued for nearly 4000 years. The unique beauty of its palaces and the splendor of its buildings has made it a destination for tourists worldwide. Car rental Crete airport is a great way to visit each ancient site and get a glimpse of a cultural heritage that extends back for thousands of years.

Crete remained a subsidiary of the Byzantine Empire for centuries until it was conquered by Abu Hafs Omar al-Balouty al-Andalusy who established a principality there. It came under the control of the Venetians during the Fourth Crusade in 1204. In 1913, Crete became a part of Greece. Each ruling civilization has left its mark upon the architecture of the island, making a visit to Crete one of the best ways to get acquainted with world history. By choosing car rental Crete airport, you can become familiar with world history’s relics and return to your home with more knowledge than your high school history teachers!

The island contains a line of mountains running from east to west, with peaks that reach up to 2,456 meters. The island’s coast is surrounded by plains, and there are several of bays that are naturally suited to serve as ports.

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