Experienced And Legal Child Adoption In Temple, TX

The addition of a child to a family is a dream that many couples and single parent families share. Unfortunately there are instances where people can not have their own children and would like to add to their own family. In other situations, there are birth mothers who know that they are not ready to raise their child and wish to do best for the child by placing them with a loving family for the rest of their life. Child Adoption in Temple, Texas is not necessarily an easy topic but one that provide a successful and fruitful result for both parties when handled by an attorney who specializes in this delicate sector of law. Michael R. Lackmeyer is a lawyer know has been working with adoption cases for over thirty years. He is experienced with Child Adoption in Temple, Texas and knows best how to approach and work with both parties. Learning more about his practice can be accomplished at the website for his legal practice at Adopttexas.net.

His legal expertise is beneficial for all phases and parties seeking a private adoption situation. This includes clients who are working with a birth mother and need to legalize matters. It can also be for those are seeking an adoption from the Department of Family and Protective Services of Texas. Children of all ages from infants to older children in foster care need permanent homes, and his legal expertise can finalize complicated paperwork as efficiently as possible. His office also works with parents who need to make final legal paperwork for adoptions within a family and step-parent adoption cases.

Those seeking his services in the Central Texas area can call or contact his office for a no cost consultation for evaluation on their case and advice on how to proceed. This may be questions you have about post placement visitation, birth mother rights and case studies. In all matters what is most important is the well being of any child to live with a loving and caring family. This compassion for children is what drives this law practice to dedicate them to making the right moves.

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