Experience Foot Discomfort Relief with Custom Orthotics Made in America

Many people suffer from foot-related discomforts due to past injuries, a hereditary condition or due to several health conditions that negatively impact the foot like diabetes, obesity, high arch and many more. Short of a complicated and invasive surgery, many of these foot conditions are difficult to treat. Experience foot discomfort relief with hand made and vacuum formed custom orthotics made right here in America.

Affordable & Non-Invasive Method to Address Many Foot Problems

Going through expensive foot surgery may not be the best remedy for everyone. Now, there is an affordable and non-invasive method to address many of the common foot problems that impact people from all walks of life and ages. Unlike ready-made orthotic devices sold over-the-counter, these custom orthotic inserts are formed to the exact specifications of your personal foot.

Vacuum Formed & Painstakingly Hand Made to Perfectly Suit Your Foot

The custom orthotics are vacuum formed by hand to get a precise insert that will help stabilize your foot, relieve many discomforts and improve the functionality of the foot all in one small shoe orthotic. Finally, there is an effective treatment that doesn’t require surgery or strong medications to relieve foot-related pain.

Some Foot Conditions Custom Orthotic Inserts May Help

Some common foot conditions that may be helped with the use of these custom-formed orthotic inserts include flat feet, limb length discrepancies, Morton’s neuroma, Achilles tendon, bunions, plantar fasciitis, frequent ankle sprains and many more.

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