Experience California in Comfort with Sonoma Wine Tour Transportation

When most people think of California, they picture the Golden Gate Bridge, street cars, and Alcatraz. However, all of those places only show a portion of what makes the San Francisco so amazing – the city. The surrounding Bay area shouldn’t be forgotten. Sonoma Valley is one of the key locations you should visit – you can’t end your holiday without a tour of its vineyards. Sonoma Valley is one of the most popular wine areas of the United States. Rich in history, its wine dates back as far as 1823 when Franciscan monks planted the first vines. Now it has over 254 wineries, 65,000 acres of vines and generates $8 billion dollars a year to the American economy. Visitors come from all around the globe to taste its red, white, and sparkling wine while marveling at the clear, blue skies hugging green hills and endless rows of pristine, warm grape vines.

Due to its size, tasting the area’s unique, divine grapes and the fantastic wine they produce cannot simply be done by visiting only a few locations. You need to tour a wide number of Sonoma wineries to fully experience the tastes and subtleties that the area has to offer. Thus, Sonoma wine tour transportation doesn’t just provide you with the opportunity to taste and tour the variety of Sonoma’s vineyards – it provides you with the opportunity to do so in comfort. Instead of climbing onto a bus filled with other camera- and hat-laden tourists, sitting beside an obnoxious, sweaty and smelly stranger, you can relax in style with private wine tour transportation while holding your love’s hand and marveling at the romantic views of the San Francisco countryside.

Sonoma wine tours will take you through your own itinerary or build you a custom wine tour suited to your personal tastes and needs. You’ll have the opportunity to drink and learn about many of the divine wines the area offers while being chauffeured from place to place in a car, SUV or limo of your choice. Instead of worrying about how to get from one vineyard to another while touring an unfamiliar location, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sites in comfort. What’s more is that instead of drinking on an empty stomach, you’ll be transported to a quiet, elegant location for a fresh lunch that complements the local tastes you’re experiencing.

San Franciscans who have grown up in the area are familiar with the wine and can give you the best possible experience. Instead of blundering around to various locations, hire expert wine tour transportation to whisk you away on a romantic, breathtaking tour you’ll never forget.

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