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by | Aug 20, 2012 | Home Improvement

Finding the perfect size home is never easy and many people purchase a home that is just the right size and then after having a few kids, things begin to get a little cramped. With a slowing economy it is not always easy to just upgrade to a larger house and so home additions in Springfield VA are often a great solution when you are busting at the seams.

Home additions in Springfield VA can be on a large or small scale. It can include adding just one room to your home or it may consist of adding an entire new story to a house. This is one way to double the size of a smaller home. You may even want to take out a wall between two rooms to make one large room. There are really quite a few options to look at depending on the space you have available on your lot and also by looking at what the city regulations are for additions to homes in your area.

Home additions in Springfield VA can help to add value as well as space to your home because you will be increasing the square footage of the home and also you will be adding new carpet and paint to that area of the house which will make it a lot newer. Architects and licensed contractors can help you during the entire process and can help you to look at a cost effective way to renovate or make additions to your home. You will want to first check with the city government and see if there are any stipulations for your property and then you can go ahead and meet with a contractor to discuss home additions so that you can begin with a plan on what you would like to do.

You can give the contractor you ideas and then they can give you their expertise about what will work best and how to stretch your hard earned dollar the farthest. They will also have some good ideas on how to make the old and new home additions in Springfield VA flow from the old addition to the new addition and to look great. When adding an addition to the house, it may be a good time to upgrade the paint and carpet in the rest of the house so that you can get the mess all done with at once.

You will find that home additions can cost a bit of money, but in the long run it will still be cheaper than purchasing a larger home and will help your family to have the space they need as they continue to grow.

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