Excellent Career Opportunities in Health Care

If you are considering entering the health care industry there is no shortage of opportunities. From RMT’s to a BSN Cincinnati students can find a wonderful career to suit their interests. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

1. Registered Massage Therapist: An RMT has many areas they can spread their wings. They can choose to work in the medical industry in a number of different settings from sports injury clinics to retirement homes and long-term care to convalescence. However if you choose to become an RMT but find clinic work is not to your liking you can also look at entering the spa side of things. There are many modalities that can be added to your training so you can provide both traditional approaches as well as naturopathic approaches related to touch therapy.

2. Nursing: There are many levels of nursing you can consider. You can go for the full gamut and become an RN with your BSN or you can consider becoming an LPN. You can even look into extending your education once you have been working as an RN for a while and become a Nurse Practitioner or even assist with genecology delivering babies as a midwife. Opportunities also exist in research, community work and even assisting in surgery as an anaesthesiologist with additional training. There are so many opportunities open to nurses that it really is an excellent choice for those uncertain how far they want to take things in their career. You can choose to start of as a LPN, progress to an RN and then continue your education and progress as far as you wish to take it.

3. Administration: If you are not certain you are looking for “hands on” experience you can also consider looking into administrative positions. Whether you want to become an office manager or become involved in transcribing medical records or billing you can go far as a medical administrator. In fact, as a nurse you can increase your training and find excellent opportunity for advancement in an administrative capacity as well becoming involved in hospital management as well as positions assisting in areas such as infection prevention.

These are just a few examples of where you can take a career in the medical field either as an administrator or in a “hands on” position.

If you are interested in receiving your BSN Cincinnati students are seeking The Christ College offers many opportunities in the healthcare field. Visit Thechristcollege.edu for information.

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