Esters Introduce Green Business Approach

Green processing aims at using the least energy possible and creating the least amount of waste. This is more difficult with some materials than others, but certain high quality esters are good candidates. Emollient esters are already involved in green processing in certain industries like cosmetics. This can have a huge impact on the environment and on your company’s reputation.

Avoid Greenwashing Labels

Greenwashing is the industry term for companies claiming to be environmentally friendly for the sole purpose of acquiring benefits on the marketplace. In recent years, major manufacturers of cosmetics and cleaning products have come under fire for toting the environmental benefits of their products when they, in fact, have made miniscule strides. It’s important for companies to practice truth in advertising when it comes to environmentally-focused initiatives they are taking to avoid being labeled frauds.

One way of doing this is by accurately describing what you are doing. One industry expert claimed that “green” referred to processing, while “natural” referred to materials used. Talking with consumers will confirm this is not true. The buying public uses these terms interchangeably to mean products using ingredients that are better for the environment and feel lied to by companies that use them according to other rules.

“Green processing” is a safe way of describing changes in manufacturing designed to create less waste and use less energy. Using biocatalytic processes with emollient esters would be a wonderful example. Companies can go on to explain these methods in-depth to their customers to show how they are cutting back on damages to the environment. While consumers generally do not want this level of information on products, people following green commerce do. They want proof you aren’t pulling the wool over their eyes and trying to use marketing language to your advantage.

By standing out as a company embracing new technologies, you will avoid the greenwashing label and attract more customers. This is true, regardless of whether you’ve already made the change to natural or organic ingredients. By honestly and thoroughly describing the initiatives your company is taking, you win buyers’ respect.

Esters as a Starting Point

There are many ways companies of all kinds can switch to green processes. Using enzymes with esters versus the strong acids and high amounts of energy typically required is just one way of doing things differently. The benefits to your reputation are actually secondary to the impact on your bottom line. By focusing on minimizing your business, you automatically save in supplies, waste management and utility costs. In this way, esters represent a stepping stone to greener business, which allows you to invest in other environmentally-friendly equipment and materials.

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